Wednesday, June 11, 2008

my puppy,peanut!!

my lil peanut...hmm...whr do i even begin??lol!!!lemme 1st start by saying how i found,azril n darren last minute decided 2 meet up just 4 fun..just 2 chit chat coz as usual,we cant live without seeing each other once a week..lolz..not seeing each other once a week is like an eternity 4 us..hahaha!!!is really true!!!not seeing each other once a week,we feel like we've been left out on each other's juicy gossips!!!lolz....
newayz,back 2 peanut...lolz!!!!me n my frends went 2 a basketball court...or izzit a badminton court??lolz...wateva..its just a plain,abandoned simen,wide place(wat a way of describing 3 of us were sitting thr,toking n snapping pics as all of a sudden,bhind darren,i saw a tiny 4 legged was at nite it was kinda hard 2 c wat animal it 1st,i tot it was a kitten..then when i look closer,it was a lil puppy..d poor thing was wet n cold!!!he was on d other side of d i carried him ova 2 our side of d long kang..then we just continue chit chatting...while we're doin tat,i decided 2 keep d puppy..i have no idea y but sumhow i have a feeling tat i saw this puppy not by coincidence...
so after sending azril n darren back home,i was parking my car..manatau,while reversing,i scartched my neighbours car coz i was so distracted by d puppy in my car n my mum was standing in front of me watching me park!!!!GOSH!!!pressure nye....lolz...
newayz,when my mum saw tat,she was piss ofcoz!!!she called my dad out n he parked 4 me...-_-"""" my dad was scolding like hell n my mum was nagging me!!!!
my parents dun allow me n my sisters 2 rare cats ot dogs at home coz they say we dun have time n not "responsible" enuf~~so with d scratched car + puppy in my arms,my mum was even mad!!!she kept asking me y i brought it back...i just said i found it..both of my parents got fed up,so they just went up 2 their room...thr i was,left standing alone with d puppy in my arms,outside my house...i was in tears coz i didnt noe wat 2 do....d puppy in my arms was ofcoz all freaked out n didnt noe whr d heck he was n wth am i gonna do with he was just really still in my arms...BUT when a teardrop fell from my eyes on his head,he immediately looked up n kept licking my face...tat moment itself,i knew this puppy is made 4 me 2 take care..he CAN b part of my family...he can change things in my family needs a pet...bsides,thr is no way i am gonna leave him sumwhr 2 die all on his own coz this puppy is seriuosly tiny!!!it looks like he's oni a few months old when i found he's kinda fat...haha!!!
after raring so many dogs,honestly,this is d MOST obedient n understanding dog eva!!!!he noes not 2 go in2 d house n he listens 2 u wheneva u tell him not 2 do things...smth really special bout this pup is,he actually noes when i'm angry,sad,happy~~
when i'm angry at him,he'll just sit thr n stare at me...he wouldnt wanna piss me off by disturbing me..
when i'm sad,he'll come n lick my hands,face n leg..simply adorable!!!
when i'm happy,he'll jump around n play with me!!!
thr's also this REALLY adorable thing tat he does tat just makes me wanna eat him up!!!lolz...wheneva he sees smth peculiar or strange 2 him,he'll tilt his head either 2 d left or right...just like d pics below...really CUTE!!!
sumhow i just feel like this pup can really undestands me...he gets really xcited n keeps wagging his tail when he sees me...but when my parents or sisters come,he aint tat xcited~~lolz..
oh ya~~btw,i named him peanut coz i love tat puppet,peanut by Jeff Dunham...haha~~n its a really adorable name...
thr's 1 thing i'm worried bout now bout peanut...i'm goin hongkong n china next week 4 6 days n my dad keeps telling me he's gonna take him away when i'm gone...*sob*...i'm really gonna HATE him if he does tat...i really feel like telling him tat but i just dun dare...if my dad can really do tat 2 me n take away peanut,i'm gonna hate him 4 tat 4 d rest of my life...peanut seriuosly means alot 2 me..i just noe tat peanut can make my life happier n more joyful~~i'm just gonna pray tat my dad will understand how much peanut means 2 me n not take him away.. so,2 my dear peanut,i love u n i'll neva 4get bout u just like d other dogs tat i've rare...all of d dogs tat has been in my life,which r,marble,kiada,bobby,pelanduk,feibee,mindy,n tiger,i'll cherish all of u 4eva n u'll always b remembered...

~Emmy Rossum~

lemme introduce this innocent pure looking lady,Emmy 4 those ppl out thr who's a fan of Phantom Of The Opera movie,she's d main actress in tat movie..her voice is simply so alluring n beautiful~~i can neva stop listening 2 her songs..her songs r so meaningful n i think every1 can relate 2 her songs...

she's very very pretty too...she looks like a total model...she has tat pure innocent look..she looks like a goddess 2

if u haven't heard of her b4 or even hear her songs b4,u should really get her album 'Inside Out'..or go 2 ... u must go n check out her gallery..she simply looks gorgeous!!!

Saturday, May 31, 2008

computer studies assignment~ <---this is d link 2 my group's computer studies's assignment..we did a website...njoy!!! :)